Even when voters speak on abortion and marijuana, courts and lawmakers may get last word

Jeff Brandes, a former Republican state senator from St. Petersburg and founder of the nonprofit political research group Florida Policy Project said there were likely several ways the Legislature could stall the latest proposed amendments after voter approval.

Brandes said the Legislature could potentially focus on strictly regulating the active ingredient in marijuana, the “THC amounts,” which would undoubtedly draw opposition from cannabis advocates and providers.

Anticipating the amendment, some lawmakers tried to cap the THC sold in recreational marijuana products during the 2024 legislative session, but that legislation died.

Brandes expects lawmakers to wage a far fiercer battle against the abortion amendment, if it were to pass.

“It would be death by a thousand cuts,” said Brandes, who opposes the amendment. “I think there’s almost no end to the ways the Legislature would chip away at the abortion amendment … They will be constantly attacking that amendment, and there’ll be multiple attacks every year.”

Read the full Tallahassee Democrat article here.

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