Commentary: On artificial intelligence, EU shows us what not to do

Earlier this month, the European Union (EU) passed historic, sweeping and comprehensive regulations on artificial intelligence (AI). American leaders should consider this extremely restrictive plan as “what not to do” as we determine how to regulate this transformational technology stateside.

There is strong consensus among elected officials in both parties, as well as leaders in the technology industry, that some regulation on AI is necessary to protect our national security, defend our critical infrastructure and keep foreign actors from accessing sensitive, personal information.

In creating a framework for this emerging technology, we must also consider how AI can enhance our military capability, accelerate productivity, automate difficult tasks and solve complex problems, among other things. AI has the power to revolutionize our nation and transform our economy. We have the opportunity to harness that power for the greater good.

Read more of Jeff Brandes’ thoughts on Orlando Sentinel’s website here.

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